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Steve Wiebe is my Hero

December 17, 2007


It takes a certain kinda guy to stand in the face of adversity while a conspiracy unfolds around him.  It takes another kinda guy to not even realize that he has walked into a conspiracy even though he’s become a mortal enemy… if that makes any sense.

You see that guy up there?  The one right up at the top of this post?  That’s Steve Wiebe (Wee-Bee).   I just watched King of Kong for the first time the other day and I gotta say… wow.  I suddenly feel like cap’n cool next to most of the guys in that movie/documentary.

The gist, a guy is totally full of himself because he set the worlds record for highest score in Donkey Kong back in 1982 and up until 2005 it hadn’t been beaten.  Enter Steve Wiebe, guy was layed off from work and found himself with alot of time on his hands.  What does he do to pass the time?  He plays Donkey Kong.

I don’t want to ruin it for you but lets just say the guy is a contender for the title.  The journey he goes through, simply to just prove to himself that he can do something he set out to do, it’s nothing short of amazing.  To see the care free stride he takes in it all compared to the guys who live and breathe their high scores, it’s just amazing.  I highly recommend this movie.  Must see.