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I Welcome Our Robot Overlords

March 6, 2008


So I’ve been having a lot of people ask me about my Roomba since having posted the video you see below this post.  Everyone wants to know, “How do you like it?”  Well I gotta say, I love it.

I got my Roomba about a year ago from   Great site btw.  So I brought my Roomba home and of course had to let him loose.  I refer to my Roomba as a him, even though I tend to give inanimate objects female names, I figure calling a robot that cleans my floor a girl is a little demeaning.  His name is Dinky, because he dinks around the apartment and cleans.

Overall I’ve been really happy with my Roomba.  One thing to note is that I have a black rug in the middle of my living room.  A feature on the Roomba that is cool is that it has cliff sensors so it can tell if it’s about to fall down the stairs.  Well the problem I had was that when Dinky would get onto the rug, he would start freaking out.  Looked like he was having a seizure, backing up and moving forward rapidly all the while still moving slowly backwards.  Did a quick search online and found that this happens on black carpeting because the cliff sensors think it’s about to fall and since it’s black everywhere, he just freaks the fuck out.  I was able to solve this by taping over the cliff sensors.  This works for me because I don’t have any drops to have to worry about.

So once this problem was solved it’s been smooth sailing.  I turn Dinky loose a couple times a week and he does a really good job.  When he’s done cleaning, he just heads back to his base station and charges.

Recently I’ve been having a problem with the spot cleaning function.   What it is supposed to do is the Roomba is supposed to slowly go in circles in a 3 foot radius from it’s start point and then back again.  For some reason, just recently, he’ll get about a foot and a half and then just radically change directions.  He doesn’t do it all the time but enough to be annoying.

In Dinky’s defense, I don’t really clean him out as often as I probably should.  And by clean him out I mean take apart the rollers and clean the sensors.   I highly recommend one of these to anyone who is interested.

And for those nay sayers who think that robots will revolt and enslave us I have this to say…  I for one welcome our new robot overlords and hope that I can serve them proudly.  I treat Dinky really well in hopes that someday when he does become self aware, he will remember I treated him kindly and be cool with me.