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Mike Quits Smoking – 2 Weeks Later

November 10, 2008


Welp, it’s been 2 weeks since I started this endeavour.  Happy to say that last night at 10pm I am officially 1 week down with out a single smoke.  Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not so easy.  It’s been a pretty trying week but seriously, if I can make it through this week without smoking, I think I’m good.  I’d like to know when the random cravings will subside and leave me alone though.  I’ve heard from people in the past that they have quit for years, and they still have the contstant nagging to have one.

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Mike Quits Smoking – Days 4 – 6

October 31, 2008

Day 4 (Continued) – Big change and a mile stone… I only smoked like 8 cigs that day, plus… I finished the day out without opening a new pack.  Huzzuh!

Day 5 – Starting to feel a little bit more normal.  Put a good 3 or 4 hours betweens some smokes without too much craziness in me.  Though I’m still kinda wonky and the thought process isn’t that great.  I went out to a bar with the work crew to send off a couple of my co-workers.  Good people and I’ll miss them, but I was just kinda a downer to the mood so I took off kinda early.  Afterall, I couldn’t drink, and I just couldn’t keep my mind in a conversation.  As usual, crashed out kinda early.  Again, had like 7 or 8 smokes all day.

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Mike Quits Smoking – Days 3 – 4

October 29, 2008

Day 3 (Updated):  So the day continued on… and it just got a bit worse.  I felt more spaced today than before.  As the day carried on, I started feeling a bit more crazy.  I ended up leaving work a bit early and heading to my girlfriend’s place.  Like everything just kinda collapsed when I got there.  We talked about the drugs, looked up stuff, and I’m pretty much exhibiting all the classic side effects from it.  Thankfully not the really bad one… look it up yourself.  My mouth is constantly dried out, kinda stumbly at times, and coherant thoughts… forget it.  If I have to think on the fly, you’re gonna get something about bacon and your mom.  We went to Ikea with some friends last night and I felt like I belonged on a short bus.  The girl thinks it’s cute, I think she’s going to hell for making fun of someone who essentially has the syndrome hehe.

Ended up crashing out earlish… well, early for me… I think it was sometime around 1am.

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Mike Quits Smoking – Days 1 – 3

October 28, 2008

That’s kinda what I feel like right now… a zombie… cat.

Day 1:  I ended up sleeping in pretty freaking late from Saturday night, like 6pm late.  My girlfriend figured that if I was sleeping that late my body needed it so she let me sleep.  I took my first pill around 7pm and then we went to the grocery store.  About 8pm we were headed back, only a couple buildings from my apartment building and it hit me.  It was like this wave just washed over me and I suddenly realized why you are supposed to take these things with a meal, which I had not done.

I made my way up my usual 5 flights of stairs and collapsed on the couch.  My girlfriend was kind enough to make me a sandwhich and salad.  The rest of the night is spent in a bit of a stupor.

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