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How I’m Gamin’ -= Pt. IV

February 10, 2008


Burnout Paradise, I don’t really wanna get into long winded details.  It rules, you need to get it.  So much better than Burnout Revenge but I don’t think they’ll ever recapture the fun that was party crash in Burnout 3.


How I’m Gamin’ -= Pt. II

December 14, 2007


Should be #1 but I was playing Assassin’s Creed when I decided to start this up.  So… Guitar Hero III, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways you rock! \m/ <– Horns  Those who know me know that I am addicted to the Guitar Hero franchise and cannot be fooled by cheap yet fanciful imitations.   There is just something about the original that strikes a chord with me.  I got into the GH games with Guitar Hero 2.  The track lists for both 2 and 3 are just fookin’ amazing.  What’s the point of playing a game if the songs don’t rock or at least aren’t fun to play?

I recently purchased Rock Band with the intention of making a quick buck on it since the day after it was released they were selling on ebay for $300 – $500.  I quickly found that this isn’t the case and the other night I found out why.  Rock Band sux0rz!  Sure you have the whole band aspect and I can appreciate that, but the tracks are horrible!  The only songs worth playing have already been done in the GH games, with the exception of 3.  $200 for 3 songs?  I think not.  I’m still selling it but I’m just trying to break even at this point.

Anyway, back to Guitar Hero.  For the uninitiated, Guitar Hero is played with the provided “Guitar Controller.”  You push up and down on the strum bar as if you are picking on a real guitar, and there are 5 colored buttons on the neck that you push in correspondence with their matching icons on the screen as they scroll downwards.  At first it feels really clumsy and if you are with friends, especially ones that know how to play, you get a little embarrassed.  Not so much the case with learning any other game right?  It’s because you have this sense that you really are playing the songs.  If you have yet to try this game out, you really need to do yourself a favor, drop the Benjamin on it and do it!  Do it now!