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It’s Official… I’m a Geek

December 14, 2007


So last night we had our company holiday party (which ruled BTW!!!) Before said party we did an award ceremony for the year with several different categories such as MVP, Best Save, Best Dressed, etc. But there was 2 awards that I was really really hoping for, and you know what? I won them both!

I got awarded “Biggest Geek” and “Best OMGer”

For the uninitiated, OMG is an email thread we have that is used for sending random funny stuff, news articles, pretty much anything that you want to get to alot of people that isn’t really work related. =)

Along with these awards came a couple prizes to choose from a really nice assortment. I went for a nice set of headphones to use with my Zune and a sweet external HDD because hey, lets face it, porn takes up alot of space.

I’d like to thank the academy, everyone who voted for me, and everyone that believed in my geekiness and time wasting abilities all along.