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How I’m Gamin’ -= Pt. III

January 15, 2008


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This is my first foray into the Call of Duty (COD) series. The first 3 having been WWII shooters coming out at a time when I was just fed up with all the WWII shooters. I picked this up on I believe last Thursday, maybe Wednesday after work. And I have to say, it’s possibly the best game I’ve ever played.

As with any game with an online component, I always play through the campaign to start. I want to know the story and spend some time getting used to how to play. The campaign in COD4 is nothing short of breath taking. It’s simply the most engrossing video game experience I’ve ever had. The game never breaks out of character, you are always looking through the eyes of the characters you play, never a cut scene that rips you out, straight up just you.

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