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I May Be Going to Hell

March 16, 2008

[16:26] Me: hey, you do the broadway show thing right?
[16:27] Friend: no
[16:27] Me: damn, my girl has a friend coming to town and they wanna abuse broadway but aren’t sure of the best way to get tickets
[16:27] Friend: your girl?
[16:29] Me: yeah, the russian bride I bought online, didn’t I tell you about Ilona?
[16:29] Friend: no
[16:29] Me: damn, I thought I told everyone
[16:30] Me: bitches come cheap now a days, $500 for their family and a lifetime of broken english fuckin, dumbass spitzer paying $4300 per fuck, dumbass
[16:30] Friend: are you kidding?
[16:31] Me: hardly!  chicks got a body like a super model, barely speaks english, fuck her good enough and she starts spouting shit off in russian, super hot
[16:31] Friend: really?
[16:31] Me: yes really, russian boobs are the best I gotta say
[16:32] Friend: i’m at a loss for words.
[16:32] Me: really, why?
[16:32] Friend: well i just didn’t think you’d need to BUY a girl.
[16:32] Friend: you married now or something?
[16:33] Me: not yet, it’s like a trial period for 3 months to decide if I can put up with her
[16:33] Friend: and you love her?
[16:33] Me: not at the moment but workin on that
[16:34] Friend: so strange
[16:34] Friend: it’s like everyone i know is doing this shit now
[16:34] Friend: don’t you think it’s a bit drastic?
[16:34] Me: really?  who else is doing it?  what site did they use?
[16:34] Friend: no idea
[16:35] Me: I went here
[16:35] Friend: and they fell in love
[16:35] Friend: show me yours
[16:36] Me: one sec
[16:36] Friend: i want to see a photo of llona
[16:37] *** Me wants to directly connect.
[16:37] *** Friend is now directly connected.
[16:37] Me: {Pic Removed}
[16:37] Me: that was the pic from the site
[16:38] Friend: and you’re going to marry this girl?
[16:38] Me: I dunno, thinkin bout it
[16:38] Me: I’ve still got 7 weeks to decide, kinda like an expiration date, I think she turns into a pumpkin if I don’t by then
[16:38] *** Friend direct connection is closed (couldn’t send packet!).
[16:39] Me: still there?
[16:39] Friend: yeah
[16:39] Friend: i’m just confused as hell
[16:39] Me: that’s what I like to hear when I fuck with people hehe
[16:40] Me: 😛
[16:40] Friend: jerk
[16:40] Me: lol