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I Feel Ashamed

May 5, 2010

This morning while getting ready for work it became alarmingly apparent to me that I needed to get my hair cut. I had no other after work plans so I figured “sure, why not?” As six o clock drew near I had a revelation… KFC is within walking distance of Astor Place where I get my hair cut. I declared right then and there (in my head) that I would try the Double Down tonight.

Fast forward… work is done, hair is cut, it’s go time. This isn’t really a review of the Double Down per se so much as it is a retelling of my KFC experience.

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Secret Jewish Coke

April 21, 2008

Things Mike learned today…

1. Some women like to smell like a concoction of hand lotion and feces.

2. An Xbox 360 carried under one arm for 30 minutes can be tiring.

E. There is Secret Jewish Coke!

I apologize if this statement may be politically incorrect but you see, I’m not political. So as I’m walking into work today I notice an email entitled, “It’s The Real Thing.” It’s contents have flipped my world on it’s head. The email proclaims that there are four 2-liter bottles of Passover Edition yellow capped Coke in the kitchen at the office. “What is this?!” I wondered aloud, no seriously, I said it out loud. Put a rising inflection on the “this” at the end to really get the gravity of my spoken proclamating question.

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