IM Convo

January 6, 2010

[1:12 AM] Not Me: steal someones wifi for it lol

[1:12 AM] Me: still not full speed man

[1:12 AM] Me: I got an N setup, can only get like 1.3mb down

[1:13 AM] Me: plugged in with a 50′ cable I get 2.2mb

[1:13 AM] Not Me: what provider?

[1:13 AM] Me: not to mention when you keep wifi pinged the card overheats and disconnects

[1:13 AM] Me: lol what does it matter? it’s still the same provider when I’m on wifi or plugged in

[1:13 AM] Me: cuz it’s my router

[1:13 AM] Not Me: yeah but thats slow as shit, switch it to G and you’ll do better

[1:13 AM] Me: um dude

[1:14 AM] Me: N is faster than G

[1:14 AM] Not Me: yeah i know, but wtf

[1:17 AM] Me: lol sorry man, but that shit is just crackin me up

[1:17 AM] Not Me: i would try G to see though

[1:17 AM] Not Me: cause i try even the most unlikely things to work

[1:17 AM] Me: lol dude, G is like 5 years old

[1:17 AM Not Me: i know

[1:17 AM] Not Me: i use it and get max speeds

[1:17 AM] Me: they aren’t gonna spend years making N only to have it come out slower


One comment

  1. Nice Job. For what Its worth you have at least one fan in Kansas City

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