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Thoughts of a High Octane Past…

September 25, 2009

Abandoned Car_DSC0136 - 2007-10-17

Growing up in the burbs of Detroit, cars are in my blood.  Living in NYC is almost like living on another planet at times since I don’t drive everywhere, even after almost 5 years here.  I was walking home from the train today and saw a couple women talking and one was complaining about her car.  Saying how it sucks and she wants a better car and she hoped it would just die.  This ricocheted around in my head for a little bit as most things do and I got to thinking… she may hate her car, but at some point in it’s life, someone loved it immensely.  When you think about it, every car was loved at some point, even if it’s current owner doesn’t.  Look up at that rusting heap at the top of this post.

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Misadventures in Funcoland: Wait… Your Name is What? / Abandoned Merch

September 16, 2009


Store: Clinton Twp.

Notable Gaming Release: Driver (PS1)

This story takes place in the summer of either ’98 or ’99.  Summer is usually the slowest time for gaming as you probably already know.  So it was not uncommon to be working alone during the day at any of the stores, even though the Clinton Twp. store was generally one of the busier ones.

I was working alone… obviously… and was playing around with Driver for the Playstation.  It was a great game, kinda beat GTA to the 3D sandbox style of game play that GTA 3 would eventually take to the masses, even if it was a bit crippled, but Driver was an awesome game.  The story was advanced through this repeated FMV between levels where the driver would pick up a phone and you’d see him from behind and the frame would freeze.  You’d see the guy standing there listening to someone give him his mission over the phone, it was a pretty ingenious way to save resources since it looked like your guy was just standing there listening.

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