Mike Quits Smoking – Days 4 – 6

October 31, 2008

Day 4 (Continued) – Big change and a mile stone… I only smoked like 8 cigs that day, plus… I finished the day out without opening a new pack.  Huzzuh!

Day 5 – Starting to feel a little bit more normal.  Put a good 3 or 4 hours betweens some smokes without too much craziness in me.  Though I’m still kinda wonky and the thought process isn’t that great.  I went out to a bar with the work crew to send off a couple of my co-workers.  Good people and I’ll miss them, but I was just kinda a downer to the mood so I took off kinda early.  Afterall, I couldn’t drink, and I just couldn’t keep my mind in a conversation.  As usual, crashed out kinda early.  Again, had like 7 or 8 smokes all day.

Day 6 – Kind of a bad day.  I woke up actually feeling pretty normal, like normal normal.  I had half of a smoke walking from the train to work.  It just wasn’t doing anything for me and tasted like crap, like I was hitting the thing so hard it started to burn weird.  So I just tossed it and felt good about myself.  Getting into the office is right about when the pill hit me.  Started off trying to solve an issue with a project I’m working on, fixed yes, resolved no.

One thing I’ve been putting off for way too long is getting my NYS Drivers License.  I’m gonna be heading back to Michigan for the holiday in December and will be needing a valid license since my MI one is expired.  I’ve had everything I need for this for sometime, which is a lot let me tell you.  So I get my ass on down to the DMV in Battery Park and let me tell you… it is just as bad as the movies make it out to be.  There’s 0 organization, everyone is pissed and rude and just points you in vague directions about standing in a line.  Turns out they won’t accept a copy of my birth certificate, need the original… start getting stressed, feel that familiar urge but I’m fighting it.  I leave a voice mail for my mom about shipping it out to me and go to get on the train… and my Metrocard is expired, urge getting worse.  So I called up my girl to try to get some words of encouragement.  Afterall, the last thing I want at this point is to give in to a stressful situation and have a smoke.  I need to break that habit really bad.

All in all, without that little meltdown earlier, I’m feeling a bit better.  More like me.  My morning routine is producing plenty of nastiness and my coughing through the night was practically nothing last night.  So things are getting better.  So far I’ve had three half smokes today, I say half because I’m only trying for a few puffs before just tossing it.  It tastes nasty, it makes me hypersalivate so I’m spitting a lot, and it’s just not giving me the effect I expect it to.  I definately think the Sunday deadline of quitting is pretty possible.  Most likely even.  I guess having the weekend is going to be the true test.


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