Mike Quits Smoking – Days 3 – 4

October 29, 2008

Day 3 (Updated):  So the day continued on… and it just got a bit worse.  I felt more spaced today than before.  As the day carried on, I started feeling a bit more crazy.  I ended up leaving work a bit early and heading to my girlfriend’s place.  Like everything just kinda collapsed when I got there.  We talked about the drugs, looked up stuff, and I’m pretty much exhibiting all the classic side effects from it.  Thankfully not the really bad one… look it up yourself.  My mouth is constantly dried out, kinda stumbly at times, and coherant thoughts… forget it.  If I have to think on the fly, you’re gonna get something about bacon and your mom.  We went to Ikea with some friends last night and I felt like I belonged on a short bus.  The girl thinks it’s cute, I think she’s going to hell for making fun of someone who essentially has the syndrome hehe.

Ended up crashing out earlish… well, early for me… I think it was sometime around 1am.

Day 4:  Woke up early again for work.  My morning hack fest was especially productive today.  I coughed up a ton of stuff, more so than usual (I hope you’re eating lunch while reading this.)  I’m smoking a little less, haven’t really been tracking but the craving has definately gone down.  I don’t want a smoke 20 minutes after just putting one out and then forcing myself to wait an hour.  I’ve been going at 2 hour clips without.  I can’t deny I’m thinking about it but not nearly as bad as I normally would.  So this stuff is doing it’s job.

Today I had to make a quick stop by a client to rescue a server that was having issues.  Made the walk and had my first smoke for the day, and yeah, they are tasting more and more nasty.  I’ve even had a few in the last couple days where I get a few puffs in and just throw it out because I just don’t really feel like it.  Good for me right?  So today thus far, I’ve had… 2… and a 1/4.  As in I lit up 3 smokes, but the second one I just tossed out after a couple hits.  It’s been about an hour and 45 minutes since I’ve had one right now, and I’m still gonna push it off another 1 minutes til I leave for lunch.

I’m feeling a little less crazy today so far.  I noticed last night that after eating some pizza I was feeling more like my normal self, but it soon changed as the pill I took right before eating kicked in.  But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  I’m thinking about hitting up Wendy’s for lunch… I need a hot juicy burger… nay… I deserve a hot juicy burger!

But yeah, this stuff is actually working, just putting up with some awkwardness for a few days.  If it can get me to quit without killing anyone… I think it’s well worth it.


One comment

  1. I’ve never read this anywhere else, but after a week or ten days after I quit, I got wicked gas.

    I was constantly farting. Nothing stinky, just air. It was though without smoking, my body was re-regulating the air inside me. It lasted a long time. I guess it could have been a diet change as well, but I never gained that much weight from quitting.

    Be careful is all I am saying.

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