Mike Quits Smoking – Days 1 – 3

October 28, 2008

That’s kinda what I feel like right now… a zombie… cat.

Day 1:  I ended up sleeping in pretty freaking late from Saturday night, like 6pm late.  My girlfriend figured that if I was sleeping that late my body needed it so she let me sleep.  I took my first pill around 7pm and then we went to the grocery store.  About 8pm we were headed back, only a couple buildings from my apartment building and it hit me.  It was like this wave just washed over me and I suddenly realized why you are supposed to take these things with a meal, which I had not done.

I made my way up my usual 5 flights of stairs and collapsed on the couch.  My girlfriend was kind enough to make me a sandwhich and salad.  The rest of the night is spent in a bit of a stupor.

Day 2:  Pop my pill before heading off to work.  I’m up a bit earlier than usual and heading directly to a client’s office.  As I got off the train, I could already feel it hitting me, so I knew I had to get some food.  And interesting side note, everywhere I went I smelled gas… like natural gas… like the smell that comes from your oven when the burner won’t light.  I power walk my way over to a deli and pick up a bagel with some bacon.  It eases my stomach a bit but I still feel zonked out.  My coworker was a bit late arriving and of course I pass the time by smoking.

Already, these things are tasting weird.  I feel like I’m getting less of a rush from them which is good, but I’m also not really missing it, which is also good.  Throughout the time at the client’s office, I just felt like I was somewhere a few feet away from me.

The rest of the day was just more of the same.  It was all in all, a pretty horrible day all around… without the whole quitting smoking and feeling wonky from pills thing, but oddly enough, I smoked less than normal.  I also went to bed at a semi-reasonable time as well, this could be due to other issues going on.

Day 3:  This would be today.  Had trouble sleeping last night.  Took my pill before hopping in the shower.  The ride to work was pretty surreal.  Still have that distance issue where everything just seems really far away.  Still dealing with other things, the weather is fucking horrible, and all I want to do is sleep right now.

It’s kinda funny, these pills are supposed to be prescribed for anti-depression, but right now, I’m feeling pretty depressed.  Guess it’ll even out after a couple days.  Couldn’t hurt to have the world around me be kinda normal for once.


One comment

  1. It might be a combo of everything you mentioned above that’s keeping you out of whack. Be careful with those anti-depressents.

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