Mike Quits Smoking – Day -2

October 24, 2008

The time has come… and I’m ready.  Am I prepared?  I sure hope so, and I hope for everyone’s sake around me they are too.

Come Sunday I’m starting to take Welbutrin (Bupropian) to help me quit smoking.  It’s been all too long that I’ve had this fuckin’ habit.  I figure I’ll try to keep track of how it goes as well as any side effects of the meds because if you happen to follow that link up there, you’ll see there are a few.  The things I’ll need to give up aren’t all that important to me, like alcohol.  Can’t drink while I’m on the pills as it gives you a pretty significant chance of having a seizure, and yeah, I just don’t need one of those.

So come Sunday I start the pills, and I’m supposed to keep smoking for about a week before trying to just stop.  I’m told by others who have used this to quit smoking that after about 3 days they just didn’t want to smoke any more.  Here’s hoping this can keep George and Norman from running laps in my head like they do everytime I try to quit.  Maybe posting these will help me not want to relapse since it’ll be a semi-permanant reminder of what I’m trying to do here.  So here’s hopin’!


One comment

  1. Its totally fucking worth it. Never quit quitting.

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