I’m Part of the Club

September 29, 2008

So I saw the movie adaptation of Choke last night…

And finally… FINALLY… I get to be one of those people who say, “The book was better than the movie.”

The movie… was just horrible, I mean outright horrible.  It feels like it was rushed through, filmed at friends’ houses and on vacant lots.  The actors, not that great.  The story was completely bastardized.  Like there was absolutely no need for the whole choking thing in the movie because they ripped out the entire reason he started doing it.  No mention what so ever.  They changed the ending around, left out massive amounts of the plot, you only see him do the choking thing in restaurants twice, one of which he has to do the heimleich on himself.

I think the worst part about all of this, is apparently, Palahaniuk loves the movie.  He was supposedly onset everyday and absolutely loved it.  WTF?!


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