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Rules of the Elevator

August 8, 2008

For fuck’s sake people… you need to learn how to use an elevator, and I’m gonna teach you with a knife if I need to.

#1.  Pay attention to the call button when you are waiting for an elevator.  DO NOT just run to the first door that opens, hold it open, and ask if it’s going your way.  I don’t care which direction you want to go, I will say it’s going the other way.

#2.  Repeatedly jamming on the close door button does not make the door close.  Most of the time that button has been set to only work when the key is inserted.  Do you really think that the first 30 times you pushed it you just didn’t push it hard enough?

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Heavy Rain

August 6, 2008

This is something I’ve been very interested in ever since the original tech demo from like… 2006.  The pic above is one of the latest screen shots released, but one thing that still hasn’t been confirmed… is if this is a game or not.  The company making it is Quantic Dream, they made an awesome and extremely overlooked game on the Xbox called Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit if you are in the EU.)  It was an amazing experience, like an interactive movie.  Keeping an eye on this for sure.  So maybe there are 3 games I’ve been looking forward to for my PS3… MGS4 which was amazing, Heavy Rain, and the 3rd Ico game.