07.01.08: The Beginning

July 2, 2008

Woke up early, like 6ish, after about 4 hours of sleep.  Called up the car service to schedule my car for 8 and did my getting ready.  Waited for the car to some and it’s the same guy I got to take me to the airport last time I flew, the guy who picked up is girlfriend on the way.  This time there was no girlfriend, but he had a large gash on his face, nice and fresh, knife fight style.

Got to the airport and did my check in, Adam and Nicole showed up shortly afterward.

Flight kinda sucked.  Adam got lucky and a flight attendant flying back gave up her exit row seat for him, me, I had my usual stuck with a fucking midget in front of me who insists on putting their seat all the way back.  Also as usual, I made sure their flight experience sucked just as much as mine.  The next three hours I made sure to constantly jar his seat, anytime I had to get up to let the two girls next to me out I always grabbed onto the back of his seat and moved it as much as possible.  Oh, our flight was also delayed like an hour and a half also.

So we landed in Denver around 1pm local time I think, still trying to figure that out.  We went and got the rental car, (free hot dogs at the rental place!) then we went and got lunch in Denver.  I gots me some Arby’s simply because you never see them in NYC, and Adam and Nicole went to Jimmy John’s, for the same reason.  Afterwards we headed over to Columbine High School just to see it.

Was kinda cool, we were on a bit of a schedule so didn’t have time to get out and take pics, just did a quick tour through the parking lot.  Kinda odd to see it actually existing and not just some place on tv.

After we left there we headed up a freaking mountain to go visit a friend of Adam’s who wanted to cook dinner for us.

That’s a view from going up the mountain, not the mountain itself.  Once we got up to the top we met Adam’s friend Mike, his wife, and I’m sure I’ll butcher the spelling, Catarina, and their three kids.  Come to find out that we were 8500′ up at their house.

They cooked us this dinner, well, prepared more like it, where there is this hot plate kinda thing in the middle of the table and all these bowls of meat and other assorted things.  You place what you want on the hot plate thing, and below there was this little tray thing you would put some potato on with cheese and whatever else you wanted and it was like a cheese melter deal.  The food was awesome and it was a neat experience.

With a long night’s drive ahead of us we pretty much had to eat and run but we had about a 4 hour drive ahead of us to get to Jack’s in Wyoming.  The drive was pretty cool, it’s insane how freaking pitch black it is out there.

We pulled over for a piss break at one point and I got out to stretch my legs and have a smoke.  Faintly on the horizon you could see the sky lightly glowing and there was a tree up on top of a hill.  I decided to indulge my new found love for time exposure photography and get some pics, as did Adam.

From there we kept driving and stopped off in Cheyene to get gas, and what did there just happen to be next to the gas station… FIREWORKS!

We went in and bought up a nice little cache and then headed out again.

Next up was a bit freaky but mostly cool.  We were doing some mad libs and NYC trivia to pass the time and started noticing what looked like heat lightning off in the distance.  As we kept driving it just kept getting more cool.  So we pulled over off the freeway where it was pitch black,like absolutely no light.  So weird and so cool.  Tried taking some pics but nothing came out well.

So afterwards we got back on the road and made it to Jack’s place about 3am.  Just got done with a shower and now we’re getting ready to meet up with Jack and bounce around town.

More pics over here


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