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Good God I Wish I Could Dance

May 27, 2008

UPDATE: So Dick Clark is a greedy bastard and had this video pulled.



May 26, 2008

This!  Is!  SPARTA!


Something, Sometime, Somewhere

May 19, 2008

These three things need to come together somehow, I can feel it burning inside.  Change is on the horizon.  I need it.


It’s a Brave New World

May 13, 2008

“I’m aliterate… I choose not to read.”  For many years, this has been my mantra.  Said so often, in jest, but also in truth.  When I was in high school, I loved to read.  Freshman year through Junior, you’d be hard pressed to find me in the halls without some Dungeons & Dragons book in tow.  My Senior year came along and something changed… and for the life of me I can’t tell you what.  The final book in a quintet I had been reading for the past 2 years had finally been released, and I was ambivalent about it.  Yes, I wanted some closure, and yet, it was a labor to go to the store and pick up the book that I had pre-purchased so long ago.  Even more so to read the damn thing.

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Muse – Knights of Cydonia

May 5, 2008

I had heard the name of this band off back in the day on 89x back home.  I don’t recall what song they had on the radio but I recall it sounding like a rip of everything else that was on the radio at the time, hence why I generally hate listening to the radio.  I once again found them in Guitar Hero III and immediately fell in love with this song.  I’d forgotten about it recently until Coop made a post with another song of theirs that gave me the idea to see if there was a video for this.  Well, there is.  It’s above if you didn’t notice, and dadagumbit… it’s one of the most insane videos I’ve ever seen and yet, it’s still pure genius.