Posts That Should Be

April 13, 2008

Things I want to write about but have been too lazy too:

  • Fashion over function in futuristic movies.
  • Xbox Live racism.
  • The need for voluntary age separation on Xbox Live.
  • The dangers of taking a train from Penn Station to Seacaucus Junction, and vice versa.
  • Why my PS3 is still collecting dust while my 360 is out for repair.
  • I’m learning ASL (American Sign Language.)
  • I have glasses, where are my amazing new math skills?
  • The iphone, damn you for fixing almost every problem I have with you.
  • New WordPress Dashboard… thanks for rearranging everything after I finally figured out how to use it

Sometime soon, one of these may get written, but I’m sure my next post will likely be another youtube vid.


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