GDC 08 – Why I’m drooling

February 24, 2008

With the Game Developers Convention wrapping up, I’ve been reading a lot about what’s been shown over the past week.  Here’s what I’m most excited about.

Gears of War 2 – This is obvious of course.  I’m not expecting there to be much of a change in the game play mechanic but hey, it was a damn good time before.  I’ve been thinking since I saw the initial trailer, and I just read that I’m not alone, that it looks like you’ll be able to dual with the Lancer so there is no more “BULLSHIT!!!  I chainsawed you first!” arguments.  Also I hope they do a better job of catching and fixing glitches with the multiplayer in this one.  The main reason I stopped playing the original GoW was the amount of cheating happening on Live.

APB – This is the biggest surprise of them all.  MMO without the RPG.  The guys who made Crackdown (great game btw) are working on an MMO which is essentially a bad ass game of Cops and Robbers.  The idea being that you choose your side when creating your character.  There is no leveling system, but your character does in a way “level up” based on how much time you’ve put into the game.  The level of customization for the characters is what has me most intrigued.  The pics and videos I’ve seen so far just make this game look amazing.  They made a team of bad guys out of famous game devs and they looked damn near close to photo realistic.  The idea is that each gang and police unit are evaluated by their stats.  So a gang decides they want to pull a heist, say, hijack an armored truck.  As soon as they make their move, and APB goes out a similarly “statted” police unit.  Now you could have 4 noob gangsters pulling the job and it will call only 1 police officer.  The example given where this happened ended in the 1 cop killing all 4 gangsters.  Very very very excited about this game.

Fable 2 – I loved the first Fable game.  In fact, I’m thinking about downloading it via Xbox Live to play through it again.  Sure it wasn’t the “Best RPG of All Time!” like it was hyped, but it was damn good.  Very damn good.  So with the new one, it looks to be more of the same but with a lot more thought and care included.  You can pick between male and female characters this time.  The demo I saw showed the main character as being female and a 2nd male player joined in for some co-op.  When joining you get to choose how everything is going to be divided: EXP, Gold, something else so, I think it might have been MP.  Just wow is all I gotta say.  The whole mechanic with the dog is cool as hell too.  Another thing that will divide gamers is that a few weeks before the game comes out, there is going to be an XBLA game that is essentially a gambling game that you play to earn gold.  The gold earned in this game is then transferred into Fable 2 for you to use.  freaking sweet!   Sure it may seem a little cheap to be stuck somewhere and wanting to buy a better weapon to make it through but don’t have the money, then you go play the XBLA game for an hour to make the money and come back.  Maybe the money is only accessible at certain places, like you have to go to a pub to pick it up or a bank or back to your home.  Who knows, we’ll see.

Other things of note were the announcement of Portal 2.  Really excited about that one.  Other than that I’m kind of blanking.  But the next year of gaming looks to have some real gems with it.


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