February 18, 2008


Back in college, I was on this site most everyday.  All sorts of random messed up stuff that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.  Now, their type of content can be found just about anywhere.  Over the last few years I’ve pretty much abandoned Consumption Junction as it had simply just become another place to go to get random porn pics, who cares?!  That shit is all over the internet, you guys had the market cornered on funny images and videos and really messed up stuff too.

So I maybe stroll in once every month or so and I went by the other day and noticed a comment on one of the pics, said something to the effect that the site had been sold and some company was running it now.

So I’m bored again and decide to pop over and what do I find?  You need to sign up with a credit card… they say you won’t be charged… to verify your age.  CJ… you just signed your own death warrant.   The kind of people who are going to be visiting that site aren’t gonna trust that.  Who wants to take the time to do that when that content is everywhere else on the internet already?


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