How I’m Gamin’ -= Pt. III

January 15, 2008


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This is my first foray into the Call of Duty (COD) series. The first 3 having been WWII shooters coming out at a time when I was just fed up with all the WWII shooters. I picked this up on I believe last Thursday, maybe Wednesday after work. And I have to say, it’s possibly the best game I’ve ever played.

As with any game with an online component, I always play through the campaign to start. I want to know the story and spend some time getting used to how to play. The campaign in COD4 is nothing short of breath taking. It’s simply the most engrossing video game experience I’ve ever had. The game never breaks out of character, you are always looking through the eyes of the characters you play, never a cut scene that rips you out, straight up just you.

The opening credits put you in the body of a man being dragged to a car. The whole time you have free control to move your head around and view your surroundings. From there the car is driven through the streets of some war torn middle eastern city chock full of strife. Looking around you can see shoot outs across the street ahead of you, firing squads, graffiti taggers, thieves, people just walking, it’s amazing.

The detail that comes in playing the game is unparalleled. Lighting effects, visual effects. Good example, I spend a lot of time using a sniper rifle in the game. When I scope in, for just a split second it takes time for the screen to focus, scoping out, same thing. When you walk in or out of darkness, it takes a short time to adjust to the drastic change.

The action varies from being mostly FPS to some on rails shooting, puts you into those CNN vids where you are looking down from a helicopter with thermal vision lighting up little dots with all sorts of crazy weaponry. Don’t want to ruin the surprise, but there is a part to the story that could simply have been left to the between levels briefing, but they put you right back into the character to experience it.

Multiplayer is unparalleled. I’ve been playing Halo 3 online a lot but was getting really bored with it. For as good of a job as Bungie did with Halo’s matchmaking, it pales in comparison to COD4.

The leveling and unlock systems are great. You can customize your weapons load out to so you can quickly choose your weapons and perks for the situation at hand. Me? I’m strictly snipin’. I like to kick it old school, default bolt action sniper rifle. For my perks, I use increased bullet damage, iron lungs to hold my breath longer to steady my aim, and a couple claymores to guard my rear. I love to just wait hidden in the shadows for some unsuspecting guy to get in front of my scope.

My fav is when 2 or 3 guys are running in a pack, they know there is a battle going on the other side of the map and are trying to flank. But oh, what is this? Cross hairs on your forehead son! Most people would probably go for the guy behind the lead so as not to alert the other guy, not me. I pop the guy in the lead to watch the other two freak out. They stop and immediately try to figure out where the shot came from. While they are looking, another one goes down. At this point the last guy just tries to run and hide. Here’s another one of the best parts of COD4, hiding doesn’t do any good when I can shoot you through the wall 😉

So all I have to say is, do yourself a favor and get this game. It’s available on every freaking console for a reason folks! And on that note… there are some domes that need a ventilation hole in em right now.


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