Ups and downs of Best Buy

January 9, 2008


So I’ve got’s me one of the first gen 30gb Zunes, and honestly, I love the thing.  I’ve never been a fan of the ipod, hate the click wheel and the tool factor that comes with owning one.  So I bought my Zune back in Dec of 2006, got the 2 year warranty because honestly, those things always work out in my favor.  So I’m on my second Zune, honestly, it’s my second one because the headphones that came with it broke, so I just did a return and got a whole new one, with new headphones 🙂

So the other day I’m walking, listening to some music, then suddenly no music.  I take my Zune out of my pocket and it’s going through the boot up screen.  That’s odd, it rebooted.  Few minutes later, did it again.  Hmmm, and then proceeded to do it over and over every few minutes for the rest of the day, not happy.

So I recall I’ve still gots my warranty and figure I’ll go in and swap for another one.  Then I get to thinking, I paid $250 for this, the new 80 gig ones with the bigger screen is the same price.  Even if  they only give me what mine is worth, I only have to pay $50 to get the new one.  So I check online, no stores have the 80gb in stock, but they do have them online.  I call the store, they haven’t even received any of the 80gb yet.

So today I called up Best Buy customer service to see if I could do like an online return or something and pay the difference, here is where it got retarded.

1st call: I explain to the main operator why I’m calling, I’m getting transfered to Customer Relations.  Some woman in India named “Becky” picks up.  After about 10 minutes of trying to explain what I want to do, she informs me she is in Rewards Zone and I need Customer Relations.  WTF?  So she says she’s going to transfer me, few clicks and I hear “Please Hold” in this annoying robotic female voice, and it just repeats every 5 seconds, for about 2 minutes and I just hang up because it should only say that once then transfer.

2nd call: I explain to the main operator what just happened and what I want to do, I get transferred to Customer Relations.  Wow, this chick is American and speaks perfect English!  I guess  when it comes to Customer Relations, Best Buy doesn’t want to piss people off, but when it comes to their members only Rewards Zone, they don’t care cuz they already have your money.  I explain to this woman what I want to do, she says she’s sure it can be done but I need to talk to someone in Dot Com to do it.  So she transfers me.  “click click click click, your call cannot be completed as dialed.”  FUCK

3rd Call: I explain to the main operator all I’ve been through and what I want to do, I ask if I can just be transferred to the Dot Com people.  She can’t do that because I have to go through Customer Relations first.  Fine, give me Customer Relations.  As soon as I hear a guy on the other end I break into his script and tell him I just need to get to Dot Com because I had my call dropped.  He’s also in America and says no problem.  Transfers me… to India.

I get some guy named “Jeff.”  I explain to him my whole long story about how I got to him and what I want to do.  He asks me for some RPB # which I don’t have because I didn’t by this online which I already explained to him.  Then he says I need to exchange it at the store.  I’ve already told him the reason I’m talking to him is because the 80gb isn’t available in stores yet, I’ve already checked.  So he asks me what zip code I’m in and checks availability, wow, big surprise, no one has it!  He probably used the exact same page on their website that I used!  So he tells me there is nothing I can do but wait for the 80gb to arrive in the store but I wouldn’t be able to trade for it even with the warranty.  Bull shit!  I’ve used these warranties so many times to trade up years later.  I just hang up on him.

4th Call:   This time I call the NOHO store directly to see if I could return my Zune, get the money on a gift card, and then just buy it online.  I get transfered to the Exchanges department.  I get what sounds like a very south bronx kinda person… joy.  I explain my story up to this point and what I wanted to do.  Suddenly she changes her tone and becomes insanely helpful.  She walks me through going through the website to get me to a place where I can request a shipping label to send my Zune back for free.  They will send me a credit for it at which point I can then go online and by the 80gb I want!  ROCK!  So I put in my request and I’m just waiting on the shipping label.


One comment

  1. As someone who currently owns 3 ipod shuffles and a nano (mostly by accident), you can take your ‘tool factor’ and shove it up your un-lubed ass.

    That being said, I’m glad to hear your customer relations shit worked out. I was going to suggest going straight to microsoft next. What is it with MS’s gear these days too? Red Ring and now this? And let’s not get into Vista.

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