You Got Lied To

January 1, 2008


30 Minutes <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 161 – 171 Minutes

You’ll need to click on the pic above to actually get the best part of the facts on it, but you should be able to see the “You got 30 minutes” part. This being the new Domino’s slogan. So it’s New Years day, I’m enjoying a mild hang over and playing some really poor quality Halo on Live thanks to Live still being fuct up. I took a break and saw a commercial for Domino’s and figured I’d just let them bring me some food.

Sure I noticed the disclaimer during the commercial that said, “30 minutes is not a guarantee but an estimate,” but you’d think it would mean they are gonna make an effort to get it in maybe 45 minutes. After all, they got in alot of shit back in the 80’s for their 30 minutes of it’s free deal.

So I hit up online to place my order as I always do with Domino’s since it’s the only way to make sure they get my order and address right. Large pepperoni pizzza, check. Chicken kickers, check. 2 liter of Coke, check. Delivery time… 161-171 minutes.

Update: Ordered at 6:51, arrived at 10:10.  199 minutes.  That’s that’s almost 7 times as long as they claim.



  1. wtf is one man doing with a pizza, chicken kickers, and 2 litres of cola?

  2. What is their usual reponse time? Its probably a holiday thing.

    I wish everybody took online orders. I have to rotate my Chinese delivery places because each place messes up the order or comes an hour late or can’t figure out how to get into the building.

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