How I’m Gamin’ -= Pt. I

December 11, 2007


Figured I’d start up a constantly updated theme called, you guessed it, “How I’m Gamin'”. Basically just do a quick piece on my latest game.

So as a homecoming present for my 360, I picked up Assassin’s Creed. All in all, a good game. Sure it’s a little flawed, but the graphics are gorgeous and it’s just so much fun walking around like a bad ass.  Even on my old ass 4:3 standard def tv it looks amazing.  It can be a little bit confusing since there seems to be a lack of a subtitle option and the volume of the voices changes drastically.

The core of the game is pretty much this, get intel from unsuspecting people, don’t get noticed, kill someone, run the fuck away.  So far that process has repeated several times, but it’s fun every time.

So if you have an Xbox 360, or a PS3 for the largely flawed version, though I’m told a recent patch fixed “many” of the problems, I highly suggest you check this one out.


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