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Xbox Live In ICU

December 29, 2007


Define the status of “Up and Running” after taking a look at that.  This is the current state of Xbox Live.  I was going to play a few casual games of Halo 3 with a friend when we came to find out he couldn’t get on to Live and I couldn’t even start a Matchmaking Match.  With all the crap listed as having problems up there… what is going right?  I love you Xbox, why you gotta be like that?


Public Perception

December 28, 2007


It’s been a short week for work, only 3 days. Each of those 3 days though brought to me a realization that I guess I’ve known for some time, but really only kinda said out loud because of this.

So here’s the stereotype… New Yorkers are rude. Tell anyone you are planning a trip to NYC or are planning to move here, it’s all you hear. They are rude, mean, jerks, etc. So once I moved here, I thought… “Hey, people here are pretty freakin’ cool.”

I’m coming up on my 3rd anniversary of being in NYC and I can pretty much understand why people get the idea that New Yorkers are rude… we fucking hate tourists. Every motherfucking last one of you.

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Happy Holidays

December 20, 2007


Yeah… I know… Dork


Greatest Pic EVER

December 19, 2007


Pulled this from There’s just something very pleasing to me about seeing 4 girls so freaking excited to be holding an Xbox 360. Too bad they look like they are in high school. But there are 18 year olds in high school right? Right?


The End is Nigh

December 18, 2007


Strap in, we’re going for a wild ride.  Kotaku reports that 3D Realms is going to be unveiling a teaser trailer tomorrow for the eternally in production Duke Nuke Em Forever (I’ll spare you the pun in the title.)  10 years in the making, several restarts in production, and who knows how many times screen shots have been leaked onto the internet.

Here’s what I’m trying to figure out, has 3D Realms put out anything in the last 10 years since Duke Nuke Em 3D?  If they have, it’s not been noticeable.  So where the hell are they getting the money to keep this game in production for 10 years?!  I know DN3D sold like hot cakes* but come on!

So for those interested, the apocalypse begins tomorrow at Noon CST (that’d be 1pm here in NYC.)  Will the fabric of the space time continuum unraveled?  Will we even see anything tomorrow?  Will I get killed in a freak train accident on my way to work, thus preventing me from ever catching a glimpse of this game?  Tomorrow we shall see.

* Where the hell does this saying come from?  When in the history of time were hot cakes selling like crazy?  I just don’t get it.


Steve Wiebe is my Hero

December 17, 2007


It takes a certain kinda guy to stand in the face of adversity while a conspiracy unfolds around him.  It takes another kinda guy to not even realize that he has walked into a conspiracy even though he’s become a mortal enemy… if that makes any sense.

You see that guy up there?  The one right up at the top of this post?  That’s Steve Wiebe (Wee-Bee).   I just watched King of Kong for the first time the other day and I gotta say… wow.  I suddenly feel like cap’n cool next to most of the guys in that movie/documentary.

The gist, a guy is totally full of himself because he set the worlds record for highest score in Donkey Kong back in 1982 and up until 2005 it hadn’t been beaten.  Enter Steve Wiebe, guy was layed off from work and found himself with alot of time on his hands.  What does he do to pass the time?  He plays Donkey Kong.

I don’t want to ruin it for you but lets just say the guy is a contender for the title.  The journey he goes through, simply to just prove to himself that he can do something he set out to do, it’s nothing short of amazing.  To see the care free stride he takes in it all compared to the guys who live and breathe their high scores, it’s just amazing.  I highly recommend this movie.  Must see.


Dark Knight

December 17, 2007

I’ve been saying it all along, Heath Ledger is gonna be a bad ass Joker, this only further proves it. I just upped this to YouTube so it may not appear for a little bit.

Oddly enough, it’s showing the SFIV teaser trailer I upped awhile back, I guess that will change once the video is ready