The End is the Beginning is the Beginning is the End

November 24, 2007

3:51am. Just got home from my 10 year high school reunion. I don’t really know what I was expecting to get out of it going in. What I did get was a sparse few familiar faces, and many that I didn’t recognize at all. It was cool to see Melody, Lindsey, and the Beymas, hell, it was cool to see everyone that I saw. I guess the run down went a little something like this… kick it!

Picked up Coop from his Mom’s place around 6:00pm. We headed over to Levins’ place for a quick beer before hand. From there it was on to Fishbones. Upon walking in, the room was mostly empty, maybe 20ish people. All in all there was about 40 people in total that showed up out of a class of 170… so says Melody. It was great catching up with people, more so just seeing what they are doing now. I was pretty amazed to see how successful so many of my old classmates had become. Even those who have fallen on hard times were at least on the road to recovery and seemed genuinely happy just like everyone else.

There were so many people missing, and yet, only a handful that I could honestly think of. I got to tap glasses and chat with folks that wouldn’t really have given me the time of day 10 years ago and it was all just cool. I feel that anyone who was there, any past discretions, all have gone. For many who weren’t there, I think they may still have some demons to work out, but that’s something for them to do.

After leaving the reunion, Coop and I met up with Levins’ and the new Mrs. Levins’ (Well, new to me, they’ve been married for many years at this point.) Jim, you did good kid, real good. Glad to see you in a happy place.

Afterwards, Coop and I headed down to the DIA for an all night opening that Melody and Lindsey invited us to, woulda been alot cooler had they been there. But alas, time and airplanes wait for no man, so we had to leave before they arrived.

I hear the sounds of the house waking up, dogs tapping across the kitchen floor and going outside, the shower squeaking on. Time to pack my bag, grab a quick bite and be on my way to the airport… cuz I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.


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  1. Getting up at 4am for flight sucks a bit, but damn being in my own bed with my lady tucking me in by 9 is heaven.

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