A Dominating Force…

November 23, 2007

If there is one thing that punctuates any trip back home for the holidays, it’s the Monopoly game that is played at Gabe’s Mom’s house every time. It’s more of an event than a game really. We tend to play with the Monopoly money from 3 – 4 different sets to make sure we have enough to go around. What begins with everyone grabbing for properties ends in multi-tiered conglomerates consisting of those who knew they could not stand a chance against the rest of the players. See… we don’t play to win… we play to humiliate, heaven help any females who decide to belly up to the table.

This year the crew was pretty skeletal. We usually have 8+ people playing, but this time, we started out with Gabe, his GF Dana, George, and myself. The first game went really quick, maybe 30 minutes with me rising as victor. This is very out of the ordinary as our games have been known to last 10+ hours.

The second game saw Dana bowing out and just Gabe, George, and I. Very quickly I was put in a bad spot, as was Gabe while George sat on nothing more than a few sporadic plots of land and the penultimate Monopoly… Park Place and Boardwalk. Gabe and I quickly formed an alliance into “Michael Corp” (Me being Michael and Gabe’s middle name being Michael, we have the same birthday too.) We put up a good fight but the luck of the dice was with George and saw Michael Corp filing for bankruptcy soon after.

Most everyone over at Gabe’s Mom’s house at that point was planning on doing some Black Friday pre dawn deal grabbing, so we figured we’d go for one more game. Gabe felt cheated as he’s never been the first player out during these marathons, and he’s been that guy twice in a row.

We decided to play the dog run to start where no properties can be purchased until you pass go. Somehow, I had luck on my side, first role, land on Community Chest… Advance to Go! From there, I was grabbing property left and right, each role brought another property into my company. Gabe was fairing ok once he made it past Go. George… well, George wound up in Jail several times before he finally made it to Go.

I quickly had a Monopoly setup just around the corner from Jail. While we all laughed and joked at my great luck, George starts offering to give me all of his money and property in exchange for my 1 Green property so he could have 2 Greens… and as he put it, “A little dignity.” I took pity on him and said I’d give it to him for $100… after the deal was done, he pulled out about $3000 from under the table and joined up with Gabe Corp. It was at that moment that some Monopoly loving angel put her hand on my shoulder and said, “They will pay with their lives.”

The next hour and a half consistently saw me slipping between their one Monopoly while they continued to land on mine and constantly had to give up their $200 Go prize to building repairs, income tax, and paying me off. George knew that they could not just give in at this point and was kind enough to wittle down their empire at every roll of the dice. To make my victory even more complete, I would constantly just take property off their hands to save them from having to remove hotels from the one monopoly that was not in mortgage. In the end… well… to call it a victory would be an understatement. I like to think of it as an Empirical Domination. What was the outcome??? See below…

Can you tell I take this game seriously? 😉


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